Print specifications.

How to send us artwork.

You don’t have to be an expert, but it helps to know some of the key print terms.

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A handy artwork checklist.

  • Black text should be 100% black only (no cyan, magenta, or yellow mixed in).

  • Put crucial elements and type within the 3mm safe zone to allow for trim.

  • Keylines, dielines need to be set up as spot colour in your document. Set the spot colour to overprint.

  • Include trim marks at least 2mm from edge. Colour bars and registration marks are not needed.

  • Use ‘High Quality’ setting for your final PDF, and always check your final PDF once created.

  • The best way to send your files is a print ready PDF. If you send native files, supply packaged files with fonts and images.

  • Save images as CMYK, not RGB.

  • Save photos as TIFF and vectors as EPS files. If it looks pixelated on your screen, then it will print pixelated.

  • PDF files to be supplied as single pages, not spreads, then we impose your documents, that is, create the layout for the press.

  • All fonts to be embedded in the document.

  • Reversed type (light or white type on dark background) a minimum of 7pt.

  • Overprint needs to be set correctly for desired result. Ensure any white type/items are not set to overprint, as they will not print.

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Types of print proofs.

PDF proof.

Is viewed on screen, and is a low resolution version of your print job, before we proceed. This tends to be the proof type for everyday print, such as office stationery, brochures and flyers.

Laser proof.

Is a printed laser copy, also good for content checking and for something a little trickier, binding or special pagination, diecut.

High resolution proof.

This is an actual test print of the final product. It will incur a cost as the machine is set up for this ‘one off.’  When it’s a big print run, something new or prestigious, it can be true peace of mind.

Welcome aboard Flight Check.

To help ensure excellent print outcomes, Flight Check is our inhouse preflight quality control that reports on any pre press errors like fonts, images and colours. It can save valuable time, money and a reprint, just in case something isn’t quite right.

Common print sizes.


594 x 841mm


420 x 594mm


420 x 297mm


297 x 210mm


148 x 210mm


148 x 105mm


105 x 74mm


52 x 74mm


46 x 210mm

Business Card

90 x 54mm


148 x 105mm


99 x 210mm

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