A Queensland printer since 1983.

How we got started … a long long time ago.

Back in 1983 when it was trendy to listen to ‘Reckless’ by Australian Crawl on your Walkman and good business was a handshake, Jim Ehrhardt started a commercial print business – Pine Rivers Printing (now P.R. Print).

When his son Steve was just 14 years old, he started his apprenticeship on the print press machines alongside his Dad.

Now 33 years later, Steve is older (much older) and while he still listens to Australian Crawl, his family today have pioneered one of Brisbane’s most successful commercial print companies.


P.R. Print work hard to maintain an enviable reputation for top quality print and superior customer service that ‘goes the extra mile.’

It’s an ‘ethos’ they have lived by for the past 30 years.

workers press

How we work together matters.

Our Values.

We are mindful about the care of our planet, we reuse, recycle and use energy wisely.

Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Customers stick with us, because we look after them. It’s simple and good business. If you aren’t happy, we will reprint your job for free.
We value you, and your smiles because happy customers are our best advertisements.

Our Company Mission.

To always go the extra mile. Provide expert printing advice, superior customer service and best priced quality print. We wear our customers shoes everyday—because their goals are our goals too!

Steve is famous for saying “Not a problem.”

It’s true. Nothing is ever a problem at P.R. Print, Steve Ehrhardt.male animated character

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